What really makes INHaLE essential oils great is our committed and professional team who do such a fantastic job . Meet the people working behind the scenes to make your Online Essential Oils Supply Store experience the best it can be. We’re dedicated to offering superior customer service and having a great time while doing it.


Mum to Christie and Lisa and married to Don, Phyl has experience in retail and marketing. As a fabric sculptor she brings a creative flair to the team . She has an innovative approach to baking and presentation of good healthy food
If it's fun and healthy then do it!!


Eldest daughter, Mum to  Ethan and Tim and married to Eliot, Christie is the Australian arm of INHaLE. With a background in Naturopathy  and retail she provides the scientific background to the team. Her creative use of colour and flavour show through in her soaps and candles.



The instigator of INHaLE Lisa, Mum of Jake and Olivia and married to Eric, is the overall manager and director of everything we do. With a proven business record we are in very capable hands. She has a strong sense of health and well being and promotes our products with passion and professionalism. Lisa uses these products on a daily basis so knows their worth and has confidence in their properties.


Because We Care

We founded INHaLE essential oils with one goal in mind: giving our customers a fair, rewarding and enjoyable shopping experience. We conduct business according to the same values, knowing that better service equals loyal customers.

We need you to know that all skin types are different and that Essential Oils are pure and strong. Always test them and always add to a carrier oil such as Almond, Apricot, or fractionated Coconut Oil ( FOC)

You know your skin better than us so please take the time to do a test patch and always dilute for use on children. Just a toothpick drop can be enough.

Most of all enjoy our doTERRA Essential Oils and have fun staying healthy


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